Stop Bookies Closing Winning Accounts



When people look for a way to increase their income, what do they do?

Take a second job? Possibly.

Yes you shall have more money. But the most valuable commodity that life gives you, becomes less.

Time is that commodity my friend. And once lost, it stays lost.

Other people invest nest eggs in stocks and shares. Even though the facts prove, over 90% will never make a penny.

Only the broker is guaranteed a return.

What options remain then, that won’t rob you of time nor money?

Read on to find out how you can average an extra £16,000 a year. Tax free.

It only takes just 30 minutes a day to achieve.

And will stop bookies closing winning accounts down that are making regular extra money.


There are without doubt, some good horse racing tipsters out there.

You may have used one yourself.

But in my opinion, they are all fundamentally flawed. Let me explain why.

It does not take many winners from a good tipster, before bookmakers impose restrictions on accounts.

Such as, refusing Best Odds Guaranteed. Limiting stakes.

Or worse still, closing your account down altogether.

Then there’s losing runs. You’ve had them. I’ve had them.

And when you finally do get a winner, was it at the same odds the tipster claimed?

Only one method can avoid any of this, and GUARANTEE a profit.

And stop bookies closing winning accounts.

Be like Barney


One major advantage of Betfair, is you can bet on horses to lose.

Another is, that unlike the bookies, Betfair will NEVER close your account.

No matter how much you win.

Many people use Betfair to lay horses on a daily basis.

It might be the favourite or the rank outsider, for any number of reasons.

Wont get the trip. Wrong ground conditions. Trainer out of form. To name a few.

And in most cases their opinion would be spot on.

But what about those that DID win? What were the odds?

Two outsiders winning on the same day, would almost certainly wipe out any betting bank.

However, there is one odds range you can use to protect your money at all times.



Regarded as “dead certs”, odds-on-shots have been a punters eternal nightmare.      Bookies paradise

Yet are still puntered as if defeat is not an option when chasing losses.

And when they should win, they don’t always follow script nor form.

Here are some facts:

1. In the UK & Ireland combined, odds-on-shots win 58% of the time.

2. If you backed every odds-on-shot to win £100, you would average £18,000 a year in losses. Less using Betfair.

3. By blindly laying every odds-on-shot at Betfairs Starting Price, you would average 25 points in profit a year.

As you can see, backing odds-on-shots to win, is guaranteed to leave you shirtless.

While laying them all, requires a lot of hard work for a small profit.

You could however, copy my bets and make a profit between £14,400 and £20,900 a year. Tax free.

In as little as 30 minutes a day.

Here’s how.

Over a 5 year period, I have made a profit between 144 and 209 points from laying odds-on-shots to lose.

The best month 51.25 points. The worse, a loss of 3.75 points.

Statistics say that if you were to lay every odds-on-shot to lose, you would have a 42% success rate.

Even 42% would guarantee a small profit each year.

Yet by being selective, that success rate rises to 55-60%.

Making it possible to earn between £14,400 and £20,900 a year.

More importantly, time is plentiful to do more of the things i enjoy.

Play golf. Go fishing. Spend more time with family.

The rewards are many.

Without ever having to worry about how to stop bookies closing winning accounts down that you may have.



Did you know that the average horse race will have at least £750,000 traded on it?

70% of which will go on the odds-on-shot. That’s over half a million.

Offering huge potential for a select number of people like yourself.

Where a chunk of that money could be yours, if you could spare just 30 minutes a day.

And that’s not every day.

But if you could, and copied the exact same bets i make, an AVERAGE profit between £360 and £500 per month is yours.

With as little as £900 to start with.

Risking only £30 per race.

That’s a wage of over £20 an hour. Tax free.

Can your boss match that?



For £39.99 per month, i am going to show a maximum of 50 people how to make money from odds-on-shots.

By copying EXACTLY what i do.

Never have to worry about stake restrictions or accounts being closed down ever again.

Or long losing runs that threaten your betting bank.

Enjoy a 55-60% strike rate that almost guarantees you profit every month.

If you can spare 30 minutes to carry out the instructions inside an email sent daily.

It really is that simple.

Copy me, and you could be on your way to an extra monthly income of £360 to £500 tax free starting right now.

With odds being laid as low as 1/12 (1.08)

Just to show how confident I am, you don’t pay if you don’t win.

That’s right, if I fail to make you a profit at Betfairs Starting Price in any month, the next one is free.

A very fair offer.

If you would like to stop bookies closing winning accounts down, and start profiting just like them, click the button below.


September = £331.50 in profit using £30 stakes. Not a good month, but still a profit

Laying Horses – The Best Odds For Minimal Risk

Laying Horses: The Best Odds For Minimal Risk

Laying Horses With Minimal Risk

When it comes to laying horses on one of the Betting Exchanges, what odds give the greater return with the lowest risk factor?

The clue is in the image of a typical Betfair market for a Maiden Stakes flat race, where the favourite is trading at shorter than 1/2 with odds of 1.48.

This race strongly suggests that the top two in the market are most likely to fight out the finish, while the other nine runners scrap it out for 3rd place.

Does that mean nine no-hopers as potential lay bets?

Possibly yes.

But Don’t Be Fooled

With 21/1 odds to lay the 3rd favourite and up to 989/1 for the outsider, does the risk outweigh the profit?

“Nouailhas” is the rank outsider and considered to have no chance at all with win odds of 729/1. The lay odds considerably higher at 819/1. A safe lay bet? The market thinks so.

And the market will be right 99% of the time. Meaning the layer would also be right 99% too.

But what happens, lord forbid, when the other 1% of no-hopers don’t follow the script and pull off a shock win?

Lay odds of 95/1 or less, would see some, or all previously gained profits disappear. 100/1 would result in a small loss overall. While anything higher could see a betting bank decimated. Which is why laying the outsider is not an option over the long term and should always be avoided.

In this race example, the only long term approach to making a profit would be to lay “Roman Glory”. The odds-on favourite offers the greatest profit potential and the lowest risk.

Let me explain why.

Anything can happen in racing

Anything can happen in racing

From 2009 in Ireland and the UK combined, odds-on-shots have won on average 58.5% of the time. Yet back them all to win a £100, the losses per year would average £18,000 with any high street bookie. Considerably less if using Betfair.

A horse priced at 1/7 isn’t always a certainty to win. They do lose more often than the odds imply.

An average 40 points in profit can be achieved by laying every odds-on-shot to lose throughout the year at Betfairs Starting Price, without ever jeopardising a controlled betting bank.

This would most certainly not be the case if laying outsiders.


Double Profits Using Track History

We know odds-on-shots win an average 58.5% of the time in the UK and Ireland combined. And when it comes to laying horses, offer the greater profit potential long term and the lowest risk short term. But wouldn’t it be great to be right more than 41.5% of the time?

When laying horses below even money, it helps to know how a horse racing track performs throughout the year. Some race courses continually see a high proportion of odds-on winners while others see odds-on-shots lose regularly. Not just on an annual basis, but at certain times of the year too.

When each race course is treated individually, the number of odds-on-shot lay bets becomes fewer, while profits double. Proving that when it comes to laying horses, short priced favourites below Even money gives a larger long term profit if using track history as a guide, than just blindly laying every one.


Million Pound Bet – A Weekend Flutter to Hit the Jackpot

Betway Vegas EN £ Banner

Winning a Million Pound Bet With Pennies

Although rare, a million pound bet was achieved back in February of 2008.  One lucky gentleman staked just 50p with William Hill on a bet comprising of eight horses to win. To his surprise, he hit the jackpot after they all won with accumulative odds of 2,800,000/1. A fantastic achievement considering that if just one horse had lost, he would have won nothing.

As recently as October 2015, ex soldier Jon Heywood won over 13 million with Betway Casino. A phenomenal and life changing amount of money. Although this was not achieved through horse racing or any other exchange sport, it highlights that big money can be won with mere pennies. Jon staked 25p on a spin of the reels to hit the jackpot and secure the highest payout ever on a progressive jackpot slot machine. Beating the previous best by £18,000

13 Million Pound Record Breaking Online Payout

Record Breaking Online Payout

Although Jon’s £13 million is a life changing sum of money, it could be considered small change compared to what a couple from Haverhill in Suffolk won back in 2012.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford entered the Friday Euro Lottery draw after many weeks of a rollover had seen the jackpot rise to an incredible £148.6 million. To their surprise, and those of residents in the small market town, Adrian and Gillian saw all 7 numbers drawn on the night. With no one else matching the same numbers, the modest couple were the sole winners.

A year earlier in July of 2011, an even bigger sum of money was won. Again, the Euro Lottery was won by a British couple after the Jackpot had reached a mind boggling £161 million. Colin and Chris Weir from Largs in Ayrshire were also sole winners of the largest ever amount won from a Lottery Draw.

Million Pound winners are not rare when it comes to the Lottery with over 3,000 to date. A figure far superior to online gaming winners and horse racing enthusiasts.

But statistically, it is far easier to win a million pound from a multiple bet consisting of a number of horses. By finding six winners priced at 10/1, a £1 stake would see that elusive £1,000,000 figure achieved.

Do you have what it takes to win a million on the horses?